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French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

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French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean

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 Fluviacarte are the canal and river route charts, which detail all the stopping places, locks, fuel points, marinas, port de plaisance and tourist information.

These are the only publications which provide coverage from the French Ports on the English Channel, all the way down to the Mediterranean and all are in ENGLISH, French and German. - 

(old name 'Navicarte')

The following 6 Fluviacarte get you from Honfleur/Le Havre to Port St Louis in the Mediterranean

#1 La Seine Aval

This 2010 book covers from Le Havre or Honfleur up the tidal River Seine to Paris. It contains detailed information on tidal flow and currents, the buoyed channel out of Le Havre and the ship channel up this big river estuary. £19.00

#1 La Seine Aval (£19.00) Qty

#2 La Seine Amont

You need this book for the section between Paris and Saint Mammes where you leave the River Seine and enter your first canal. Essential for both slow and fast routes. £15.20

#2 La Seine Amont (£15.20) Qty

#20 Bourgogne Ouest

This book covers the central canal system From Saint Mammes down to Digoin. Essential for both the slow and fast routes to the Med. £15.20

Fluviacarte: #20 Bourgogne Ouest (£15,20) Qty

#19 Bourgogne Est

This takes care of the final section after Digoin to the Saône. It also covers the 'slow' route which is much shorter but has more locks. £17.48 

Fluviacarte: #19 Bourgogne Est (£17.48) Qty

#10 The SAÔNE

This book covers the central canal system From Saint Mammes down to Digoin. Essential for both the slow and fast routes to the Med. £15.20

#10 La Saone (£15.20) Qty

#16 The Rhone

The Rhone joins the Saône at Lyon and then goes all the way to the Med to Port St Louis and is the book that you must have. The Rhone is a very big river.


#16 Le Rhone (£15.20) Qty


All the above chart books between Le Havre or Honfleur to the Mediterranean




DISCOUNT BOOK BUNDLE#1 La Seine Aval #2 La Seine Amont #19 Bourgogne Est #10 The SAONE #16 The Rhone (£95) Qty




#1 La Seine Aval,  #2 La Seine Amont,  #19 Bourgogne Est, #20 Bourgogne Ouest, #10 The Saone, #16  The Rhone


 currently out of print and stock please do not order.

Fluviacarte #21 ALL Navigable Waterways of France.

This is a chart of the entire French waterway systems - Canals and Rivers.. There are details of marinas and fuel places covering the entire country on one sheet. Very useful for an overview and to decide which routes you want to follow. If you are doing one fast trip, on a low budget, you could probably just use this chart and my book. It has all the canal & lock dimensions.


All Waterways of France #21 (£6.84) Qty
   I recommend this chart to go with  FRENCH CANAL ROUTES TO THE MEDITERRANEAN

The following are the Fluviacarte you will need for the 'Scenic route'

from Dunkirk, Calais or St Valery sur Somme,

to the main canal - river routes.

#24 Picardie

 Enter the system at St Valery sur Somme you use this chart. It shows the offshore buoy ATSO. Unless going by Paris you would also need Fluviacarte 8 - Champagne + 10 Saône and 16 -Rhone   £17.48

#24 Picardie#24 (£17.48) Qty
# 14 Nord Pas-de-Calais

You only need this chart if you enter at Calais. It takes you SE to join chart no24 - Picardie. You would also need Fluviacarte 8 - Champagne + 10 Saône and 16 -Rhone.  

out of print  

#8 Champagne - Ardenne

From either St Valery or Calais you need this chart to get you out to the beautiful 'scenic route' down to the Saône. You would need 10 Saône and 16 -Rhone only, to continue down to the Mediterranean. £17.48

Fluviacarte: #8 Champagne - Ardenne (£17.48) Qty
Canal du Midi
#G004 Canal du Midi - Camargue
Totally revised Covers Toulouse to the Mediterranean.
It includes:
 Canal de la Robine, l'Etang de Thau, Canal du Rhone a Sete
Le Lez, le canal maritime du Grau du Roi. le Petit Rhône
 et le canal d'Arles à Fos.
# 4 la Midi - Camargue (£15.20) Qty

 #G005 Canal du Midi

In 2016  a second revised book will be published, #G005, which will cover  the Atlantic to Toulouse  = Bordeaux and information of the passage from Royan up the Gironde River to the start of the Canal system then as far as Toulouse

out of print   (#11 Canal du Midi This version is no longer available)



#33 L'Ourcq Waterways of Paris

This one sheet chart has all the stopping places, canals, waterways of the area.  This chart takes you close to Paris Disneyland - with a couple of stopping places marina's nearby.

 out of print

#12 Bretagne Canals and Rivers of Brittany

This book covers the 'short cut' from the English Channel - St Malo through to Nantes or Arzal



Fluviacarte: #12 Bretagne Canals & Rivers of Brittany (£17.48) Qty
#17 Canaux de la Marne au Rhine

 Canaux de la Marne au Rhine. This book gets you from the French canals to Germany - then joins the routes to the Black Sea. Joins to Fluviacartes 3, 8, 9 £15.20

Fluviacarte: #17 Canaux de la Marne au Rhine (£15.20) Qty

#03 La Marne

Paris to Reims La Marne makes the connection from Paris toward Reims and Conde sur Marne.. This is a route to Paris if you have entered France from the North - Belgium, Calais or Valery sur Somme. It is good for those wanting to see more of beautiful rural France in the East after arriving in Paris from a channel port. £15.20

#03 La Marne #03 (£15.20) Qty
#32 Camal du Rhone au Rhin

Canal du Rhone to the Rhine De St Symphorien a Niffer his chart gets you from the Saône near Chalon to the river Rhine - A completely new & revised edition is being published but will not be available until 2016  out of print

#31 Canal du Bourgogne


This is a one sheet chart that joins:- De Laroche à St-Jean-de-Losne

 out of print


 Le bassin de la Maine (la Sarthe, la Mayenne et l'Oudon) - Le bassin de la Loire (la Maine et La Loire d'Angers à Saint-Nazaire) - Le canal de Nantes à Brest (jusqu'à Redon) - L'Erdre.


Fluviacarte: #13 PAYS DE LA LOIRE (£15.20) Qty

la Rochelle à l'île d'Aix - De Fouras à Rochefort - De Rochefort à Saint-Savinien - De Saint-Savinien à Saintes - De Saintes à Cognac - De Cognac à Jarnac - De Jarnac à Angoulême £15.20

Fluviacarte: #25 LA CHARENTE (£15.20) Qty

La baie de l’Aiguillon : de La Rochelle au Port du Pavé ; - La Sèvre Niortaise : du Port du Pavé à Niort ;


Fluviacarte: #29 LA SEVRE NIORTAISE (£13.68) Qty

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